Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Learn how to Add An Element of Calm To Your Life.

Picture this: You’re about to face one of your biggest fears whether that be heights, public speaking, or even a visit to the dentist. You get an all too familiar feeling of butterflies in your tummy and a surge of energy to bolt out of there faster than Usain Bolt. This my friends are when adrenaline kicks in.

Have you ever wondered what causes that sensation? Meet your adrenal glands. These are a set of small triangular-shaped glands that are located just above the kidneys. They are composed of two main parts – the cortex and medulla. The job of these glands is to produce hormones to help regulate your metabolism, blood pressure, immune system, and response to stress. An increase in any of these factors such as a result of strong emotions like fear or anger cause adrenaline aka epinephrine to be released into the bloodstream which causes an increase in strength, sugar metabolism as well as heart rate.

But what if your stress was simply being stuck in traffic on your morning commute or perhaps a huge project at work?

Here at Athletic Sport, we know that day-to-day life has its mini stressors, and we’ve strived to create a product that helps you get through your day with ease.

Adrenal Cort works as an anti-inflammatory which enables you to repair and recover faster from exercises as well as working long hours. Additionally, at the end of the day, it helps you to switch off and relax.


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Adaptogens are our key ingredients (what are adaptogens?). As you can probably guess from their name, adaptogens help you to adapt as well as recover from all of life’s stressors. From physical stress like the day after leg day in the gym (ouch!) to mental stressors such as studying for exams and powering through an endless parade of assignments. Utilising adaptogens are your key to going that extra mile.

So if you would like to add an element of calm to your life and give yourself your best chance to make 2021 amazing be sure to get your hands on our superstar Adrenal-Cort.