Adaptogens, Your Nutrient Wingman

Ever had one of those weeks where those deadlines start creeping up one by one, your taxes are due, your mother in law is coming to visit, your car is in for repair and to top it off you’re running out of clean underwear?

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that you’re overqualified to drown your sorrows in some chardonnay or reach for the triple chocolate ice cream chilling in your freezer for comfort.

Fear not, there is another way to help you cope and recover with the pressure and stressors of life – Adaptogens

So, what exactly are adaptogens?
Adaptogens are your nutrient wingman to help you get through the day unscathed no matter if you’re a high-performance athlete training for a marathon or perhaps you need a little boost to get you through a day at work.

As you can probably guess from their name adaptogens help you to adapt as well as recover from all of life’s stressors. From physical stress like the day after a leg workout (ouch!) to mental stressors such as studying for exams and powering through an endless parade of assignments. Utilising adaptogens may be the key to helping you go that extra mile.

Ashwagandha kSM66 is a medicinal herb and an adaptogen which has been shown in particular to have some pretty powerful benefits- as all wingmen do. From boosting your cognitive performance in the office and helping you write that report in record time as well as helping you gain that muscle mass in the gym and power through your cardio workout. And guess what, the benefits don’t end here, after your workout this adaptogen helps you to recover by acting as a natural antidote to life’s stressors.

So, when you start to feel under the pump or just want to go that extra mile in the gym Athletic Performance Oxy Pro Thermogenic and Adrenal Court could be the wingman you need to help you power through your day.