Demsey McKean


Name: Demsey McKean
IG Handle: @demsey.mckean
Age: 31
Fight Name: 
The Tower
Standing: 198cm tall (6'6)
Weighing: 111kg
Age: 31 years old
Ranked: #1 Heavyweight in Australia &
#11 in the World with the IBF and WBO


Demsey started training in Mixed Martial Arts when he was 18 years old, and 8 months into his journey he had his first amateur MMA fight. Demsey is a professional boxer with a record of 19-0 (12kos) who is currently rated number 11 in the world for heavyweights and number 1 in Australia. Demsey is also a former mixed martial artist and Muay Thai fighter.

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Favourite Protein Flavour: Chocolate Milk.
Favourite Overall Supplement: Adrenal Cort.