Welcome to the team, Scott "Top Dog" Fitzgerald.

5 Minutes in the Locker Room with Scotty Fitz aka Top Dog!

"Kids, don't do this at home!"

  1. How long have you been riding for?
    I've been riding for 12 years.

  2. How did you get into it?
    I had friends that rode dirt bikes and basically got peer pressured into doing a backflip and the rest is history! 

  3. What kind of fitness routine do you keep to be able to ride for Nitro circus / at your level?
    I train at the gym to keep my fitness up but mostly it's about keeping current and try and ride my bike as much as I can.

  4. How do you recover / keep injury free?
    I have to keep active and train daily or as much as I can so that when I do crash my body is fit and healthy to take a hit... The goal is to not crash!

  5. What the worst injuries you have had?
    I have had multiple injuries and broken over 20 bones including legs, arms, fingers, ankles, collar bones, multiple concussions and also ruptured spleen and kidney.

  6. What’s the next big event you’re training for?
    I suppose the next thing I will be training for is Nitro Circus Australian tour in November, fingers crossed that goes ahead. In between that time I'll be doing local shows and sky diving as much as I can to keep busy.

  7. Do you have any superstitions you do before you go out for a show?
    Not really any superstitions but I always put my right knee brace on before my left, not sure if that counts or I am just weird.