Want to get rid of stubborn fat? Here’s how

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in all the hard work at the gym, eating clean only to have some stubborn fat that won’t move. Fat, especially around the abdominal area, can be tough to shift. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you want to rid yourself of stubborn fat once and for all, here’s how.

Here at Athletic Sport, we know that for good health a variety of nutrients are required by the body daily. Specific nutrients, however, can enhance your metabolism, boost your mood and increase strength. This is what inspired us to create our best-selling supplement range.  To move stubborn fat once and for all, Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALCAR is critical.

What is ALCAR?

ALCAR is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body to generate energy. It’s also found in a supplement form Athletic Sports Acetyl-L-Carnitine and animal sources such as red meat.

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What does ALCAR do?

Like a jack of all trades, ACLAR has many functions within the body. Whether you want to improve your performance in the gym, the office or even your recovery time ALCAR is your secret weapon to success

In particular, ACLAR can

  • Boost your mood and brain function, allowing you to perform your best whether that be at work or in your studies.
  • Helps you to recover faster post-exercise and reduce fatigue due to glycogen retention.
  • Improves overall energy levels and can, in particular, improve muscle function, cardiovascular function and cognitive levels
  • Utilises the body’s existing fat stores as energy helping you to shift stubborn fat that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough.

When to take ACLAR?

For the best results, we recommend taking ACLAR around 30 minutes before your exercise or workout. If you want an extra boost, you can also add in Aminos EAA or Kamikaze Pre-Workout.

When it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals, ACLAR has more than one use in the body. Whether you want to shift stubborn fat, improve your focus or enhance your workout, this supplement is your secret weapon.