The importance of Pre workout and Post workout meals


Picture this - You’ve done all the hard work in the gym, you’ve pushed your body to a new pb, followed a proper warm up and cool down regime, but your muscles still feel extra fatigued post workout!

If you’ve ever experienced this, you are not alone. You may not be re-fuelling properly after your workout.

Pre-workout nutrition is designed to get your body in the zone by topping up energy stores and ensuring that your muscles are ready to power you through your session. Similarly, post workout nutrition, helps muscles to recover and grow. This leads to shorter recovery and down times.  If your aim is to build and/or maintain muscle mass, your post-workout nutrition is a key part of the jigsaw puzzle that will get you to your results. Rehydrating and refuelling after every workout will help you reach your goals in no time.

During exercise, the body’s natural energy stores – glycogen which you topped up with your pre-workout meal (insert link to pre-workout meal blog) is depleted.  So, it is important to refuel and replace the energy that you have used up and assist with muscle recovery. If you don’t eat, you can end up fatigued and battling low blood sugar. Additionally, you are also slowing down your body’s repair process.

Protein is a key macronutrient that is a must for speedy muscle recovery, especially after weight training. Our Athletic Sport Lean Whey Protein is the perfect companion to your post workout regime. Here at Athletic sport, we want to nourish the athlete within all of us, and this is why our specially formulated whey protein powder contains the highest protein content on the market, which means that you can easily reach your individual protein needs.

Eating your post workout meal within 30 minutes of finishing exercise– is ideal to get your energy back up. This is because you've blown through your glycogen stores and torn up your muscles. Your post-workout meal should be high in complex carbohydrates and loaded with healthy protein.

    Don’t forget rehydrating is also very important, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Our Athletic Sport Aminos EAA & BCAA  are a tasty way to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can enjoy this whether it’s a gym or rest day.

    Refuelling after a workout helps your body maximise the benefits gained from exercise, which means that you can get stronger and faster in no time! You can view our top post workout supplements here.