How to set realistic goals for a successful healthy lifestyle

Have you ever been in this situation before?

‘Your wanting to lose a little bit of weight, you’ve set a start date and you set off on your mission only to succumb to defeat a few days later – It’s an all too common tale as old as time.’

But what if you had a framework to help you succeed with your health goals? Here at Athletic Sport, we believe that everyone should be able to reach their health goals whether that be weight loss, improved exercise endurance, or simply just feeling better overall.

We’ve outlined our top two tips for setting goals that are achievable! 

First up it’s important to remember that whether you're setting new year, mid-year or even mid-week resolutions they have to be positive, realistic and specific.

For example, you might want to lose weight. Setting goals like ‘I am going to be a healthy weight’ by ‘eating a wholesome and varied diet, getting more active and watching my portion sizes’ rather than simply ‘I won’t gain any more weight’. Creating goals with specific achievements makes it easy to keep the momentum and your desire to stick it through up.

Celebrating little wins such as including an extra serve of veggies into your day are all a part of the journey to good health. So, if you’ve enjoyed a salad or some roast veggies today – good on you!

We also know that sometimes life happens so it’s important to not give up after a bad day. One pig out or cheat meal isn’t going to undo your progress, it’s when you start eating these meals for weeks on end that you’ll start to go backwards.

Learning to listen to your body and eat only when you’re hungry is a great way to practice what is known as ‘mindful eating’. This allows you to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are feeling satisfied, not completely ‘stuffed or full’. Ways you can achieve this are by slowing down when eating and taking sips of water between bites, removing distractions such as your Instagram feed – sorry!

In the end setting health goals is all about eating better as well as getting more movement into your day. So, what are you waiting for? We know you can achieve your goals once you put your mind to it!