How Digezyme can help you improve your health

Digestive health is one of the latest trends to hit the wellness world in recent years, and for a good reason too. It’s no secret that many benefits are linked to having a healthy and well-functioning digestive system. Just a simple google search reveals so many perks of good gut health. A well-functioning digestive system does more than just absorb the nutrients from your food – although that in itself is pretty remarkable!

A healthy gut has many benefits. Good gut health is linked to boosting your mood, better night sleeps, healthier skin, hair and nails, keeping your cardiovascular health in tip-top shape, as well as keeping your immune system strong, helping your body to fight colds and flus effectively.

Here at Athletic Sport, we understand the importance of an operational digestive system, not only for the reasons mentioned above but for your wellbeing and comfort. Nobody enjoys feeling bloated and sluggish. This is why we create products to help you be the best version of yourself; no matter if you are in the gym, the office or home, digezyme is your secret weapon to excelling at your day.

Our digezyme has been formulated to help you on your journey to good health, no matter what stage you are at. Digezyme has been created to help support a more effective digestive system. It works by helping to ease bloating by expelling unnecessary waste from the body. It also plays a crucial role in increasing your energy levels and that all-important boost to the immune system. Digezyme is formulated from naturally occurring enzymes within the body, which help to properly digest food and absorb the all-important energy and nutrients for good health.

  • Amylase is a digestive enzyme with more than one key feature. First up, it helps to digest food by breaking the bonds in carbohydrates and resistant starches. This enables a quick and efficient energy source for the body. It also ensures that your body maximises its nutrient absorption throughout the whole digestive process.
  • Protease is an important digestive enzyme needed for the breakdown of proteins, both from animals and plants, into amino acids. Amino acids play many roles in the body, from building proteins to synthesising hormones. Protease is needed to ensure that the amino acids from proteins can be stored and used throughout the body.
  • Lipase is a digestive enzyme that helps your body digest fats. Lipase plays a vital role in the digestion and transport of fatty acids throughout the body. Fatty acids have many essential functions in the body. Most importantly, they are a source of energy.
  • Lactase is an enzyme needed to break down lactose, otherwise known as the sugar found in milk and other dairy products, which gives it its sweetness. Lactase converts lactose into simple sugars, glucose and galactose, providing a source of energy for the body and reducing any digestive discomforts.

Athletic Sport changes the way that you work out! Fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs helps you to boss your day and boost your overall health.