3 reasons why you should be adding Whey and Collagen blend to your supplement cupboard!


The Perfect Duo

Whey protein is good for body composition and muscle protein synthesis post workout whereas, collagen protein is heavily focused on tendon and ligament support and recovery. Rather than having to purchase both products, why not kill two birds with one stone and get two for one!




Less Sensitivity

Whey protein and collagen peptides are both easily digested and a great way to get protein to the muscle fast! If you have sensitive digestion or symptoms similar to IBS, you can still get the combination of nutrients in one quick hit!




Greater Array of Nutrients

Whey protein is made up of a different amino acid profile than collagen protein. Collagen protein is just made up of proline, hydroxyproline and glycine. Having the combination of them both ensures you are covering all basis when you are aiming to get adequate protein in your diet, supplementing with Athletic Sport Whey with Collagen Peptides can be a great addition to a healthy diet to enhance your nutrient intake.