Let’s Get Physical For Mental Health!

Whether you love or hate it, there’s no denying that physical activity has many benefits for your health – helping you to live longer and preventing or reduce the likelihood of disease and illness.

Physical health can be measured and defined in a variety of ways ranging from measures that you can see such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels and weight to name a few.  But what about your mental health? How do we measure it and more importantly how do we improve our mental health?

Measuring mental health is quite complex, however we know that ‘how we feel’ can be influenced by the types of food we are eating, how much sleep we are getting and how active we are. Obesity and depression are two major causes of disease, disability and illness worldwide and each influences the other.

Research shows that physical activity is a key factor in improving our mental ability as well as our emotional wellbeing. Having a well-nourished and healthy brain is essential to helping you to achieve your best. 

Getting active helps to improve our mental health by:

  • Increasing our energy levels, helping us to be motivated to get the most out of our day.
  • Exercise helps you to sleep better and a good sleeping pattern is associated improved moods.
  • Going for a walk around the neighbourhood gets your feel-good hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine flowing, improving your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Taking up boxing class or trying out yoga can be a great outlet for your physical frustrations, helping you to de-stress and release tension from your muscles.

Some easy ways to be more active are:

  • Use the car less and walk to work if possible. Or at least park the car further away and stop to smell the roses along your way.
  • Turn your weekend chore list into a full-body workout with tasks like raking the lawn, cleaning the windows and doing the laundry.
  • Call up a friend and go for an adventurous hike.
  • Take your fur-legged friend for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Here at Athletic Sport we are big believers in self-care so that we can perform at our peak. Keeping healthy means taking care of our mind and body.